Monday, December 14, 2015

New To The Land Of Etsy

Since I mentioned in my previous post that I killed my TripleClicks store, whatever I was selling there will now be sold on Etsy.  And that's a lot of hats...!

Olvera Street Slouchy

Lady Warrior Tam

"Make It Last Forever" Slouchy

Sparkly Rustic Skully

Stained Glass Snood Redux

Mosaic Slouchy

Northern Lights Snood

Scraptastic Patchwork Tam

Blueberry Pie Slouchy

"Live Loud" Patchwork Tam

Sweet Tooth Patchwork Tam

Sugar Frosted Patchwork Tam

"Electric Relaxation" Tam

"Bonita Applebum" Snood
Venice Vibes Drawstring Tam

My Original Shop Is Dead...

I had to kill off my SFI business and TripleClicks shop.  The reason being was that I barely made one red cent.  Plus, it was getting too expensive just to retain my Executive Affiliate position.  Sure, it only cost me a few bucks here and there to maintain 1500 points every month, but I couldn't keep afloat.  Even my online store didn't even get a bite.  I almost had a customer overseas, but the international shipping costs are ridiculous!  So I figured it'd be cheaper to maintain my Etsy shop instead.  I'll basically be selling all my wares there instead.

That reminds me...I need to change that link on the side since my TC store is dead...