Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The End of August

Ooh blog is dusty.  Yeah I know I've been AWOL since Prince died, but life is a real kick in the ass.  That, and I've gotten feistier, too.  And I forgot to mention that I turned 32 on the 2nd this month, and that my blog is in its anniversary phase (been three years since I started it).

I've put up some stuff on Etsy but I'm too lazy to pull up a whole bunch of pictures, so I'll show you the latest uploads.

The Mystery Patchwork Tam (customer gets a surprise)

The "Underground Jewels" Patchwork Tam

Lastly, the Hip Hop Boho Gypsy Tam

And finally, you guys can all catch me on Tumblr.  I ain't done yet.  Now I've got some editing to do.