Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today in Sports

Hook and yarn aside, there's a big firestorm in Los Angeles.  A big, racial firestorm.

A male (men have souls, mind you) named Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers (at one time was the "kid brother" basketball team of the Los Angeles Lakers) popped off a few too many racist comments at the mouth. And, to put it as many old-school parents have quoted, he wrote a check his behind couldn't cash.  Now he's officially banned from the NBA.

Banned For Life.

Everyone you can think of has weighed in on the subject, from former Laker Magic Johnson to our own POTUS, Barack Obama.

Even Clipper head coach Doc Rivers threw his two pennies in the "sound off" bank, saying he won't return to the team for as long as Sterling runs the show.  I don't blame the man, either.

Aside from being permanently barred from the National Basketball Association, he was also hit with a $2.5 million fine.  Well, the dude is wealthy.  A $2.5 million penalty is like chump change to this guy.

To conclude this blog post, on behalf of the citizens of Los Angeles County...no, every ethnicity in the United States, I would like to say...

F**k off.

And now I'd like to throw in my two cents...

Donald Sterling, take a good look at this picture below:

You know what this means, right?

In case you don't know, this picture does not mean that it's a salted square biscuit that you dip in some soup and nibble.  It means "good ol' boys" like yourself who spout off unnecessary racial epithets.

You get it now?

Now I may be a Lakers fan, but please go to the Staples Center not only for the Clippers, but to piss off Sterling.

As for myself, I'll be at home stitching up some things because I'm too broke to buy tickets.  (smile)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three New Tams Listed (Support Your Local Thrift Store!)

...And also, do hit up Craigslist.  You never know what gold mine you'll strike in the yarn department.

Case in point...some of that good, high-end yarn you thought you couldn't afford could be sitting inside a thrift store or on a Craigslist ad for ridiculously low prices.  I had done just that and came up with these little numbers below:

Craigslist Tam #1

Craigslist Tam #2

Scraptastic Snood

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Music Behind The Creations

Lately I've been getting my inspiration from music to make my crowns, as some of you may have seen from my previous post.  Only this time, I'm going to post the songs behind my latest works.

I highly recommend you lend each of these songs an ear.  Now, I must make like the ends of my hair and split.  ^_^

Monday, April 14, 2014

Motown Moods Plus

Ah yes, the sequel.

First I just want to give a plethora of thanks to Stevie Wonder and Motown. Had it not been for his music, I would have never gotten the inspiration for these recently finished hats...

Celestial Skully

Inspired by Stevie's "You've Got It Bad Girl"

Inspired by Stevie's "Overjoyed"

Though not a Motown classic, I did get inspiration from a song called "Sun Goddess" performed by Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Sun Goddess Snood
The power of music and what it can do...

Thanks again, Stevie.  And what fool would I be without thanking EWF for their musical contributions?  If it weren't for you all, I never would have made these.  Please continue to make timeless music for everybody.

And that is all she wrote...for now.  Gotta split!

Winning my first auction...

Finally, I'm back from Spring Break...

And you can curse me out for asking this question, but have you seen those two banners to your right on this blog?  You know, those SFI and TripleClicks banners?  (Don't answer that)

Not only do I sell my hats on their online store as an E-Commerce Associate (ECA for short), I'm also an affiliate with these guys.  Long story short, I won my very first auction.  The prize up for grabs was a membership with this organization called IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) and a big chunk of points they call VersaPoints to boost my rank (and turn my crumbs into many a loaf of bread, if you know what I mean).

Pretty much, the key to winning an auction is to be persistent and aggressive...just downright bloodthirsty.  And make sure you have swollen pockets.  Oh, and also try to limit yourself.  You don't want to get too addicted to these auctions.

In case your curiosity has nine lives to spare:

Here, you won't get ripped off as you would at a retail store.

If you just want to take a look, that's great.  If you want to sign up, that's great too.  Just don't go auction crazy.  ^_*

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School, Spring Break, and More Hats

Looking forward to a week (and a half) off, but first I need to type up this history essay faster than a marathon runner so I can enjoy what they call Spring Break (I'm a chronic procrastinator).  And right now I need to stuff my face.  Then I have another exam for Art History class (now's a good time for me to take up drinking coffee).  But I need to have graduation on the brain if I'm going to traipse through all this homework and fodder.

*country accent*  I needs that blasted degree now!

Other than that, I have some new crowns ready for shipping.  Currently experimenting with hemp, so maybe I should finish when I'm not swamped with school work and filling local orders.  But here ya go!

Blueberry Tam

Cherry Blossom Tam

Japanese Garden Tam (think I'm turning Japanese, ya really think so?)

Strobelight Tam (more psychedelic than the actual psychedelic tam)