Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dusting Off My Blog

Now I have to get rid of these damn spider webs nesting in these posts...long as there are no moths, then I'm straight (moths scare the ever-loving [bleep] out of me).  But yeah, I'm back!  😉😉😉

Just put up some new stuff on Etsy and my Green Life Center store, so go on ahead and take a look.  And I also want to show some stuff that I've been too lazy to post.  Now go on over to that little area on your right (----> that way) and drop by my shops!

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Some Hat Listings...And a Scorching Autumn

I always say that in Los Angeles, Summer never really ends.  She actually just takes a break.  For the next few days, Summer is taking a short break and will be back on Monday...with a vengeance.  Autumn is just covering her shift with pleasant weather for now.  And then we're gonna fry...  😞😞😞

In the meantime, here's some stuff from my shop that I've been too lazy to blog about...

Morning Eclipse Drawstring Tam

Celestial Sky Patchwork Drawstring Tam

Holiday-Themed Fitted Baseball Hat

Autumn-Themed Bohemian Skully

And some fingerless gloves, too...whatever color you like

And I'm also doing the whole messy bun thing...

Custom Messy Bun Cadet Hat

Now go ahead and shop your butts off, since the holidays are around the corner.  As for me, I'll just be studying for midterms.  😊😊😊

Monday, October 2, 2017

Mecca & The Soul Brother: The 25th Anniversary (And Why I Bought This Album)

I know it's been a hot minute since I let this blog collect dust, but I just had to do this next piece.  Dedicated to all you hip hop heads out there.

Who remembers the album Mecca and the Soul Brother from Pete Rock & CL Smooth?  I know I do.  I was actually 7 years old when it dropped.  I was 16 when I actually copped the album, the first CD I bought myself.  Had to buy it again seven years later after some family member stole that s*** one night while I was spending the night at my auntie's place (along with my Slum Village Fantastic Vol. 2 CD).  But y'all know I had to have that album, though.

You weren't a real hip hop head without this gem
I got introduced to them from the album's first single, They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.).  Once again, I was only 7 years old when it dropped.  Knowing my mother, she would've taped this off the radio whether I asked or not.  She pretty much had taped every last one of their music videos and performances, from Showtime At The Apollo to Soul Train.  I got reintroduced to T.R.O.Y back in middle school.  I already had my tape in the deck, ready to record.  But taping it off the radio wasn't enough.  I had to have that album, mostly because of that song.  That saxophone break was hypnotic, I tell you.  You know how a song just does something to your spirit as soon as you hear the beginning?  T.R.O.Y. was the song that did it for me.

Soon as the 15-second buildup started, I either got excited or sat there with goosebumps and shivers.  Once that saxophone break kicked in, I might as well have damn near fainted!  It's like once you hear that sax break start, then you had better sit down, shut up, and don't say shit (excuse the profanity).  That song goes deep.  Got me through many a transition (passing) in my family.  I often play this song as a way of paying my respects to those who have transitioned into the universe.  This track is my all-time favorite composition.

Another song from the album I enjoy is Straighten It Out.  It's another one of my vibe-out favorites.

There are other songs from the album I'd recommend (especially T.R.O.Y.), but you gotta cop the album to fully enjoy every last track.  Find your local record store (or go online if you have to) and see if they have this on CD, cassette, or vinyl.  Seriously, buy this, yesterday!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Another Hip Hop Inspired Hat Listing

I guess you can call this song "hip hop" since a lot of lyricists and producers sampled this song to bits.  I'm referring to Nautilus by Bob James.

Anybody who's anybody would name off top at least ten songs that sampled this classic, most notably Ghostface's Daytona 500.  Can't list them all since that list would be extensive...and I'd end up missing class.  And since I'm talking about crocheting, here's my latest piece...

The "Nautilus" Drawstring Tam

Well, I gotta split.  Astronomy class awaits...  😉😉😉

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mentally in a Funk...

Always in a crocheting mood, but I can't even come up with any creative names for my Etsy listings.  Now that sucks.

Not to mention, I've been running back and forth between Torrance and South Central looking for this particular color of yarn at Joann Fabric & Crafts, only to find that they haven't stocked up on it since some lucky bastard bought the last roll I was gunning for.  Oh well, off to Glendale...

Seems like Joann tempts me to blow my money on yarn; I'm getting all these 40%, 50%, and 60% off coupons every other week.

Anyway, I put up two new listings on Etsy.  More hats to come if I can think of some funny names.

Classic Psychedelic Boho Tam

The Ghetto Bohemian Drawstring Tam

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Semester, New Drama, New Tams

Back in school...well, the semester started on the 6th.  Man, that was a short winter break...

We had a nasty blackout at my place this past Friday.  Had our power knocked out for half of the day.  Luckily I woke up to lights turned on and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on BET.

Got a new smartphone last month...and dropped the damn thing.  😒  Now I gotta get the screen fixed.  Going down to the video game store in Lawndale to do just that after I tackle this homework like I was playing for the Rams.

And I listed some stuff on Etsy recently...prior to a cracked phone screen.
The "Watchful Eyes" Drawstring Tam

Morning Meadow Drawstring Tam
The Sparkly Sunrise Snood

"Geto Heaven (T.S.O.I)" Slouchy, inspired by rapper Common

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Sistah Got Featured on Crochet Concupiscence

Man, what a day...I don't know if that's the medicine talking (I had a headache earlier that just wouldn't quit) or if I'm just naturally geeked, but my story and shop were featured on Crochet Concupiscence.  Excuse me while I take some deep breaths...

Not only that, I was also featured in their corresponding digital magazine, Happily Hooked, some time ago.  Ain't that grand!

Now in case you need some receipts, I can give you some receipts.  Here's the link below:

My Story on Crochet Concupiscence

I'm actually showing my face for once!  Normally I hide behind the internet, but I needed to break out of that shell for once.  I'd periodically check their website for some cool stories, but when I saw my portrait and name, hot damn...

In case some of you have never heard of this website, I'll explain it in a nutshell: Crochet Concupiscence is for crochet nuts everywhere in the world, and how they get through their days by weaving their respective hooks through the stitches of life.

I'm already feeling jittery due to those head meds, but I now have the shakes of joy like I sipped on some Starbucks coffee for the first time.  Now I gotta go; I'm suddenly in the mood to crochet some more hip hop stuff.  Y'all be cool, now!