Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two of my Connects Shut Down... :(

Looks like I'm out of two shops in Los Angeles County...

First, a hat shop called Sidewalk Fashions in Long Beach got axed.  And now it's about to be some new boutique on the block.  It can't be all bad, though... Maybe the new owners might be my buddies who ran Sidewalk Fashions.  I'll just have to look into all this.  Oh well, I'll just pay a visit to Shades of Afrika up the street once I make a trip to the LBC...

Another place called Jah Lambs and Lions, a Rastafarian store, permanently closed its doors.  The place that now stands is up for lease, and the only pieces of that store left are the sign and the awning.

Wherever you guys are, I hope you're doing well and I'd like to see you again so we can get the ball rolling.

So now that means I'm going to have to find some more spots around the city and other neighboring towns to take my hats.  I only think of it as a couple of bee stings.  You just have to ease the pain, heal up, and keep it pushing.