Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Semester, New Drama, New Tams

Back in school...well, the semester started on the 6th.  Man, that was a short winter break...

We had a nasty blackout at my place this past Friday.  Had our power knocked out for half of the day.  Luckily I woke up to lights turned on and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on BET.

Got a new smartphone last month...and dropped the damn thing.  😒  Now I gotta get the screen fixed.  Going down to the video game store in Lawndale to do just that after I tackle this homework like I was playing for the Rams.

And I listed some stuff on Etsy recently...prior to a cracked phone screen.
The "Watchful Eyes" Drawstring Tam

Morning Meadow Drawstring Tam
The Sparkly Sunrise Snood

"Geto Heaven (T.S.O.I)" Slouchy, inspired by rapper Common