Monday, May 5, 2014

One Of My Favorite Locales

I like to travel around Los Angeles County whenever I'm on a bus or a train because I get to see things that some people overlook when they're driving down the freeway.  From that, I've come across what are now some of my favorite hangout spots.  One of them being...Little Tokyo.

Here it is, Little Tokyo in all but a piece of its glory

The Yagura Fire Tower at the entrance to the
Japanese Village Plaza

Some Rubik's cube-looking thing in front of the
Japanese American National Museum
 Much as I would love to go to Japan, my bank account is malnourished.  So for the time being, the only way I can get close to Japanese culture and language is by taking the 40 from my place.  Until I actually get to fly to the land of the Rising Sun, this will suffice.  But still, I've no complaints.

Take this bus (Line 40) to LT, but go the opposite way, unless you want
to go to the South Bay Galleria.

Hooray for Sakura trees!

Edited for you to enjoy.  ^_^