Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Death of Saturday Mornings

Let us all sit back and mourn the loss of a childhood ritual that occurred every week: Saturday Mornings.  Ah yes, Saturday Mornings, those times when kids jumped out of bed, gathered about in front of the television to watch their favorite cartoons, and their parents put up with the potential sugar rush that would happen as a result of overly sweet cereal being gnashed in between teeth.  Now the last local network, the CW (KTLA Channel 5 if you live in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and the Inland Empire), has taken an age-old custom off life support.  But at least we have YouTube...

Now I can't explain memories of my (and anyone else's) kiddiehood in words, but maybe the following videos will help.

Even we '80s kids got a taste of some old school Hanna-Barbera goodness.

Ah, Thundercats...the epitome of Saturday Mornings.

And let's not forget its sister series, Silverhawks.

There are plenty more shows out there, but that's only the gist of it.

Lastly, you know the cartoons were over when this show came on afterward...

Now, what fun were Saturday morning cartoons without Soul Train???

Everyone, let us bow our heads in silence and pay our respects to the death of Saturday mornings.  You shall be missed.

You got a favorite Saturday morning memory?  Go ahead and drop 'em in the comments box.