Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's New This 1st Of The Month?

Now that September will not return for another year and the hot, sticky weather has passed through like a bad fart, I can finally make my runs and crochet some stuff.  The muggy air had prevented me from touching base with a couple of connects at Venice Beach and driven me batty.  While it's still hot (Summer usually leaves Los Angeles for a few days and comes back like a boomerang), at least it's tolerable out here.

I've listed some funky fresh hats and patterns on Etsy.  Speaking of which, two things happened:

1) I sold a custom-made fedora to a lovely woman in New Jersey.

2) My broke behind couldn't even pay the damn Etsy bill on time.

So before I split and make this cash deposit, here are the newest listings:

Morning Sunrise Drawstring Tam

Belizean Pride Drawstring Tam (Big Ups 2 my Belizean brothers and sisters)

Swagger Fedora Pattern

Granny Square Rasta Tam, in pattern form