Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School, Spring Break, and More Hats

Looking forward to a week (and a half) off, but first I need to type up this history essay faster than a marathon runner so I can enjoy what they call Spring Break (I'm a chronic procrastinator).  And right now I need to stuff my face.  Then I have another exam for Art History class (now's a good time for me to take up drinking coffee).  But I need to have graduation on the brain if I'm going to traipse through all this homework and fodder.

*country accent*  I needs that blasted degree now!

Other than that, I have some new crowns ready for shipping.  Currently experimenting with hemp, so maybe I should finish when I'm not swamped with school work and filling local orders.  But here ya go!

Blueberry Tam

Cherry Blossom Tam

Japanese Garden Tam (think I'm turning Japanese, ya really think so?)

Strobelight Tam (more psychedelic than the actual psychedelic tam)