Monday, April 14, 2014

Motown Moods Plus

Ah yes, the sequel.

First I just want to give a plethora of thanks to Stevie Wonder and Motown. Had it not been for his music, I would have never gotten the inspiration for these recently finished hats...

Celestial Skully

Inspired by Stevie's "You've Got It Bad Girl"

Inspired by Stevie's "Overjoyed"

Though not a Motown classic, I did get inspiration from a song called "Sun Goddess" performed by Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Sun Goddess Snood
The power of music and what it can do...

Thanks again, Stevie.  And what fool would I be without thanking EWF for their musical contributions?  If it weren't for you all, I never would have made these.  Please continue to make timeless music for everybody.

And that is all she wrote...for now.  Gotta split!