Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm thinking of selling on ArtFire...

It's going to be quite a few bumps (and potholes if you live in L.A. like me) in the road, but I'll be selling some stuff on ArtFire once I get up off the ground.  I mean, really off the ground (school supplies cleaned me out for the time being).  So until then, excuse this little blip on the radar while I go home and crochet some stuff...like, yesterday.

Speaking of which, I need to hurry up and stitch some hats faster than blast processing on a Sega Genesis.  I've been nursing a cold this past weekend and this sudden drop in temperature hasn't been a large help (Southern California has been going through a nasty heat wave for the past week).  So I have a lot of time to make up and plenty of yarn to use up.

But hold up now...don't expect me on ArtFire just yet.  There are still some technicalities to be worked out, such as cash (Everybody needs a few Jacksons and Franklins in their pockets, right?) and cards.  No, not the plastic...I really mean some business cards.  Gotta get my name out there somehow.  But first I have to pay bills so I can make sales (and unfortunately, pay more bills), then I can finally establish myself as a seller on ArtFire.

Well, I gotta split.  I'll be back like a TV show after a commercial break.