Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 4 P's of Crochet

What exactly are the four P's of crochet?  For one, it's something I imagined when I couldn't finish a project (or product, in my case).  I'd get bored, frustrated, and just abandon the work altogether.  These lessons are also what I teach my students if they find themselves at a dead end, or not knowing how to do a stitch.  Here are the four P's of crochet:  Prayer, Patience, Practice, and Passion.
Prayer:  This one is most important, as it is the foundation for learning this craft.  As you sit and crochet, you are calling upon God to make something beautiful for people to admire.  You want them to feel the love and energy you've put into making your project, so always remember to pray before you begin.
Patience:  I try to emphasize this with my students when they get irritated from not doing a stitch correctly.  It works both ways because the students learn to be patient with every stitch they've done and will do, and I learn to be patient with my students as they encounter bumps in the road.  It's a great experience for both the pupil and teacher.
Practice:  Crocheting is easy once you get a feel for it, but it takes practice to make beautiful pieces.  It's like learning to speak a new language.  Crochet, in and of itself, is similar to a language.  One doesn't necessarily have to know all the terminology, but should at least be proficient enough to know the basics.  Once she has learned the basics, then she can leave the rest up to her imagination.
Passion:  If a person is interested in the art of crochet, she must want to do it.  She must also have that drive, ambition, and willingness to learn.  And once she learns, many doors will open.  Soon, she will have the inspiration to make and design many projects along the way.  It can start with a fellow crafter, a book, or the latest fashion.  All she needs are a hook, some yarn, and a vision.
And those, my crafting brethren, are the four P's of crochet.  Always use these lessons when you start a new project.  They will help to strengthen your spirit as you complete each stitch, and you'll even have fun in the process.