Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Song of the Week - 9/17/2013

Time to put down the hook and yarn for a few minutes, so I can introduce today's Song of the Week.  But before I begin, let me just bow my head in silence in respect to the victims of yesterday's naval base shooting in Washington, DC.  This song is dedicated to them.

The Song of the Week is...

Let me just say that this song is one of the most beautiful pieces of hip hop to have ever been produced.  This is actually my all-time favorite song ever made.  Though I was only a mere eight years old at the time of its release, I immediately fell in love with it (during that era I was a big-time Kris Kross head).  To this day, this song still gets heavy rotation on my playlist whether I'm on a bus, train, or at home playing my Super Nintendo (Confession:  Whenever I hear this song, I automatically think of the classic video game Street Fighter II).

Well, that wraps up today's post.  I need to get back to stitching up some more crowns...

And...that's all she wrote.