Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Song of the Week - 9/3/2013

Here at The Soul Stitchery, I love to listen to music while I'm crocheting my butt off.  So what I'm going to do is list one of my favorite songs each week until I'm good and tired of doing it (or until break).  Ya dig?

The song of the week for today is...

(drum roll, please)

Ah, J Dilla...best damn producer to have graced this earth.  Sadly, he died over seven years ago from lupus complications.  But let us not mourn his transition to the hereafter; instead, we shall celebrate his music and his accomplishments.

Now the reason I chose this song is...  Okay, there's really no concrete reason except I just like this joint.  What other producer can make beats with only a 7-bar break?  (ignore this question)  Just sit back and take a good listen.  Or, if you're like me (wanting to hear a track sans lyrics), here's the instrumental.

The instrumental (from my take on the song) has more of an erotic aura compared to its album version.  But hey, that's just me.  They both sound almost equally erotic (thanks to Herbie Hancock's "Come Running To Me" as the core sample of the beat).

Now y'all stay tuned for the next Song of the Week, hear?